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How does remote IT support work?

Remote IT support is a way for IT support providers to deliver tech support without having to travel to a client’s location. Typically a client will submit a tech support request through an online ticketing portal. The support provider will then begin communications with the client, either through email, chat, or telephone, and gain access to their computer and solve the problem.

After receiving permission, with the approved login credentials in place, the technician uses secure software to port into the client’s computer via the internet and resolve the technical issue. The process simulates the experience of onsite support delivered by a service professional.

A wide variety of software applications are utilized in the delivery of remote tech support. These applications fall under the banner of remote desktop software, desktop sharing software, remote access software, IT management software, and remote desktop management tools. 

What can we do for you?

We can plug-in to your network and machines from afar, making it easier for DanTech Services (or DTS) to fix your issue with ease and speed. Here is just a part of what you will get:

  • Device Monitoring & Maintenance: DanTech Services monitors customer devices ranging from Windows to Mac, networking hardware, as well as websites, DNS records, and email servers. Whether its software or hardware updates, DanTech Services provides routine maintenance across your entire business.
  • DTS Help Desk & Remote Access: DTS has best-in-class remote access, providing quick and reliable support to address
    day-to-day IT-related interruptions.
  • Patch Management: DanTech Service’s state-of-the-art patching engine allows us to patch operating systems as well as third-party software, so you can rest easy knowing your systems are always up-to-date.
  • Layered Security Approach: we tackle our client’s security from various angles – we deploy and manage antivirus on the endpoints, monitor router firewall configuration for changes, manage and track backup jobs, and monitor emails and Internet traffic flow.

We are committed to providing superior IT services and support to ensure your business operates at full capacity. Network interruptions and downtime translates to loss of revenue and productivity. We aim to prevent disruptions caused by technology to keep your business running smoothly.

Find what you need

Managed IT services

With this type of service, an MSP generally takes on the entirety of network tasks. This includes establishing LAN, WAPs, and various connections for your business.

Data Security solutions

Data backup and recovery is the most critical service you could ever sign up for, and we at DanTech Services specialize in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system disaster recovery.

Managed Network Security

This is a catch-all service for remote security infrastructure. It covers everything from BDR solutions to anti-malware options, keeping them updated in real-time.

remote it services

Instead of calling a technician out and waiting even longer to get your network up and running in case of your IT failure, you can use our remote IT services to have the problem fixed in a quarter of the time.